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Thread: 2008 EXPEDITION: YAMASH-I-T-A ( Japanese) TREASURE

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    Fellow treasure hunters, consider this.

    If you were to locate a magnificent treasure and needed investors to finance recovery operations, would you go on the internet and solicit $10 donations while being vague and not keeping your story straight?

    Of course not!

    Besides, I think I saw this guy in Las Vegas last weekend buying a Keno ticket. He runs a AM-PM store when not picking pockets.
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    Jef of PI


    ha ha ha ha

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    Jef of PI


    I love the Philippines. These sites are the true treasures!
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    Very Nice Pic, jef

    ? ? ? ? ? ?Thanks for shareing

    ? ? ? ?& welome to TNet

    ? ? ? ? ? ? ?J E F F

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    Jef of PI


    What do you think this picture guys? I scanned this pic from another site. The one who post this calims that this is one of yamashitas hidden treasures. I think i will be venturing on this hunt soon ha ha
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    Jef of PI


    How true is the hidden treasures of yamashita? How about this site people...
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    Jef of PI


    If i have been a treasure hunter with 20 years of experience i must have had recovered some part of the treasures right now. Maybe this treasures is not of yamashita. and i guess too that yamashita is quite innocent of the warcrimes he was accused of ( watch the national geographic), i just pity yamashita that he doesnt understand he was gonna die ....

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    Jef of PI


    This is Banaue Rice Terraces, part of the Cordillera Mountain Range in Northern Luzon of the Philippine Islands. This rice field in the mountains is one of the Wonders of the World and according to anthropology, the first people who lived in the Islands created this magnificent view thousands of years ago. Somewhere kilometers away from this spot, treasure hunters are looking for the lost Tunnel (Tunnel # 8) where they believed most of the treasures of World War Two are hidden.
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    Jef of PI


    This is a picture of an Ifugao native. Features of Dumagats( Gboy's ) are quite different to this picture.
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    Jef of PI


    What do we really need to know about the DUMAGATS? And what are the moves of the Philippine government to help this people? Please click to the link below for information.


    "gitara" features a glimpse on the everday life of the Dumagat tribe. i'm fortunate to have once visited their tribe during my immersion. who you're seeing in the picture is my Dumagat family. tatay rohel is playing the guitar for 3 of his 7 kids, loreto (amang), melissa (kulot), and melissita (harot) --- caption to the picture below from the picture taker.
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    Jef of PI


    Coron Bay in Northern Palawan, Philippines:
    Coron Reefs, Coron Bay, Busuanga.
    Seven enchanting lakes surrounded by craggy limestone cliffs attract hundreds of nature lovers to Coron Reefs in Northern Palawan, near the town of Coron.
    Busuanga Island, whose main town is Coron, is the jump-off point for numerous dive operators. The principal dive sites are 12 WWII Japanese shipwrecks sunk on September 24, 1944 by US Navy action. They range in depth from the surface to 40M. This large variety offers exciting wreck exploration for enthusiasts, from novice divers and snorkelers and recreational divers to experienced TEC divers. Dive operators offer PADI dive courses ranging from Discover Scuba to Assistant Instructor, Technical and Enriched Air Diving, as well as other specialty courses. Dive operators offer day diving, snorkeling trips, and overnight dive safaris. Live-aboard and charter boats also offer diving in the area.

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    Jef of PI


    Cagayan Province, Philippines is the Last the Stand of Japanese Troops during the War.

    Cagayan Is Famous For...
    Cave Exploration Most explorations done here is for the purpose of Treasure Hunting
    Caves of different classifications abound in the province, which makes it a spelunker?s paradise. The Pe?ablanca Protected Landscape, the northern corridor to the Northern Sierra Madre Natural Park, is home to some 300 caves, 75 of which have been documented by the National Museum and 30 have been mapped by the British Exploration Club and its local counterpart, the Sierra Madre Outdoor Club. On April 7-13, 2003, SMOC hosted the 24th Mountaineering Federation Philippines, Inc., Congress and Climb which was attended by some 200 outdoor enthusiasts.

    Mountains & Forests Treasure hunters believe that the Japanese troops hid the treasures miles away in the middle of the jungles of Sierra Madre
    The province?s unspoiled mountains and forests are well recommended for outdoor activities like trekking, mountain climbing and exploration, camping, among others. These activities are also good sources of livelihood for the rural communities.

    Rivers & Seas Treasure hunters believe that the shipwrecks near the seas have hidden treasures inside of them
    Clean rivers and seas make the province ideal for water sports activities like swimming, boating, fishing, kayaking, and white river rafting. The lower basin of the Cagayan River is found in Aparri, Cagayan where a fluvial parade attended by more than a hundred fishing boats is being conducted every May 10. Also, the Cagayan River is the longest and widest river in the country. It starts from the Province of Nueva Vizcaya and snakes down to Cagayan.

    Bridges Under these bridges, treasure hunters believe that Japanese Troops thrown and put the treasures to the raging river under
    Magapit Hanging Bridge, built in the early seventies, is one of the first hanging bridges in Asia. Another bridge, Buntun Bridge, is the longest river bridge in the country. Both bridges span the mighty Cagayan River.

    Basilica Minore of Our Lady of Piat Treasure hunters parayed a lot to their gods for the gold to come out
    It is a favorite destination of pilgrims who pray for favors, healing, and other special graces. The image, which came from Macao, is said to be miraculous and is made of papier mache. Other brick churches constructed during the Spanish times are also a favorite destination by pilgrims. These churches are still unreinforced and are located along national highways.

    Iguig Calvary Hills They even built a big cross for God to notice them.
    It showcases the larger-than-life-size 14 Stations of the Cross and is a favorite destination during the Holy Week.

    Native Furniture Aetas(natives) mostly live by selling rattans for furniture use in the region this means they really own the mountains
    Export quality furniture made of softwood and hardwood and rattan products and furniture are among the popular buys from the province

    Local Delicacies
    Longanisa, peanuts and peanut products, carabao milk candy are some of the favorite pasalubong choices from the province

    Tuguegarao Pancit
    Known locally as Batil Patung, the Tuguegarao Pancit is made of local noodles. Tourists are allowed to witness the actual preparation of this local delicacy in some local panciterias in Tuguegarao City

    Pe?ablanca Caves? This caves is open for public and tourists to see... even for treasure hunters to excavate.
    Callao Cave, just outside Penablanca, is ideal for the traveler who wants a brief taste of the underground. But the region is packed with dozens of other caves, some partially explored, others still virgin. Sierra, only a 15-minute walk from Callao, has huge chambers filled with white, crystal-studded columns. At Odessa, a cave system with over 8km of known passages and others yet to be explored, spelunkers pass through elephant-sized walkways and narrow, tortuous squeezes. Formations include calcite grottoes and crystalline flowstones. Another cave, Heaven, has a fantastic chamber, which is a highlight of the underground experience. Heaven can be hellish to get to, but those who have been there agree that it?s worth the effort.

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    Jef of PI


    Rock climbing is a relatively new sport to the Philippines, but it's spreading fast. There are already active climbing scenes in Manila and other major cities. Quality equipment are available in many outdoor shops, and there are excellent climbing sites only hours from the city of Manila itself.

    Manila has three gyms with indoor actificial climbing walls: Power Up Gym in Quezon City, Planet Rock in Makati, and Gravity Gym in Para?aque. All are excellent places to meet the friendly and helpful local climbers, who are your best guides to the outdoor climbing sites. Because the sport is so new, only a few major climbing areas have been developed, and most of these are close to the cities. This leaves enormous potential for exploration, and there are hundreds of sites and thousands of routes waiting for the brave and intrepid climber.
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    Jef of PI


    The best treasures in the Philippines are reserved for those who go beyond the end of the road. It is only by trekking that you can reach places where crystal rivers plunge over dizzying falls and tattooed tribesmen live as they have for centuries. You will also see cliffs that tower above crashing surfs, virgin forests, clear rivers, mossy jungles, and cool mountain ridges. Only trekkers experience the exhilaration of conquering the heights of Mt. Apo or passing through the eerie moonscape of Mt. Pinatubo. These experiences, and many others, await those who leave the road behind, heft their packs, and trek the Philippines.
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    Jul 2004
    7 times


    To Jef of PI,

    Answers to your Opinions:

    1) After 20 years of research WHY WE HAVE NOT YET RECOVER TREASURE?
    WHO TOLD YOU WE HAVE NOT YET RECOVER TREASURE?? OF COURSE WE DO !! Unfortunately our 2 tons were confiscated by CORRUPT POLITICIANS. And sometimes our men were ambushed bringing along several pieces of gold bars....by the way...How do you think, we were able to finance our EXPENSIVE exploration thru these 20 years? BY BUYING ONE OR TWO CHEAP GOLD BARS....once in a while, thru these natives....THATS WHY WE BELIEVE THESE GOLD BARS TRULY EXIST !!

    2) Regarding Treasures in Cagayan Caves?

    a) CALLAO CAVE-- in 60's and 70's treasure hunting operation, 2 or 3 treasure chamber were given to Marcoses and Enrile...BY OUR OLD FOLKS !!...........Where are the other 4 treasure chamber?? SECRET !!

    b) ODESSA CAVE--Look at the top of main entrance of Odessa cave...yuo will see BIG STAR SYMBOL CARVE ON THE ROCK ENTRANCE ON TOP !!! What do you think it does mean? TREASURE OF ONE STAR JAPANESE GENERAL...... Do you want to know where the treasure chamber is?? SECRET !!

    We do know them already since 1990's...unfortunately THEY NEVER BELIEVE IN TREASURE HUNTING....SO...Treasure hunters like us and mountain climbers like them ARE DIFFERENT BREED !!

    Bcoz we difenitely KNEW A LOT MORE THAN YOU DO............OK?


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