1. Shirley Temple Reliable Composition Doll

    Found this 20 inch full composition Reliable Doll-bought from the original owner's daughter, and was told it is a Shirley Temple Reliable doll. Only found the markings saying it is Reliable, no Shirley Temple markings. No tags on the dress indicating that it is a Shirley Temple dress either...
  2. vintage car door handle question.

    Never mind double post. Never mind double post.
  3. I always seem to find unique stuff in dumpsters!

    This is one of my best new dumpster-dive finds. An autograph book circa 1939. Not sure if any of the signatures are famous people or not. It did also have an inserted folded up piece of paper with an autograph of 'Keystone the Magician'. Anyone know if this guy is even famous? I'm also selling...