1. 1945 QUARTER

    Hi all. Before you all come down on me with the snide remarks lol. Let me just say, I know I'm probably asking a stupid question. I know it's probably worthless. I know even if it is something that it is in poor condition. I know nothing about coins. With that being said.... Is this quarter...
  2. 1945 WW2 FUNNY Typewritten Poem / Letter to Sailor Boyfriend

    I found this old letter / poem typed with handwritten notations. It was in an old wood frame. After researching a little, I saw similar poem online but this one is definitely dated 1945 with "WW2" on backside. Your feedback is welcome. Enjoy!!
  3. Your most dug year of wheat penny.

    Unless you're like me and have not found a wheat penny in a month :crybaby2:, you have most likely found quite a few (like 15 since I started in march,Yes not many). Anyway, what is your most common year of wheat penny. Mine is 1956 D, I have found about 5 out of 15 from that year.