1. All Finds of 2016! Ace 250

    I just upgraded from my Ace 250 to the Garrett Ace 400, so excited to go use it! That being said I bought my Ace 250 early 2016 and it was my first nice metal detector. 2016 has been my first year of serious metal detecting. Below are photos of all my finds, some of them are things I stumbled...
  2. Metal Detecting America | Episode 34

    New Upload!!! This week i found some relics hunting a 1890 farmhouse and a old faithful public park. If you enjoyed the video click the like button and if you haven't already please subscribe to the channel!!! Thank you in advance and I hope you enjoy the video!! https://youtu.be/ZXxyjYFQ_-4
  3. Metal detecting america | Episode 30

  4. 2016 john browns fort state quarter error?

    it looks like it was plated like this..... is it or is it ground down....?
  5. Where will you be Around Black Friday

    Ive been in and out of many dumpsters, Holiday seasons has been my best times. Where will you be?
  6. Metal Detecting America | Epsiode 18

    New Upload!!!! Episode #18. This hunt is one of my best hunts maybe ever, I found some amazing items. Thanks in advance, if you like the video please subscribe and hit the like button!! https://youtu.be/RPilj4hj_uw
  7. Waiting for the big Impact!

    Hi Dilek & Crew... Any news about the Nokta Impact? We are really keen on this new baby, not only here in Switzerland... If you are looking for somebody to test it in the Swiss Mountains and Rivers, don't look any further and contact Sweetspot :thumbsup: Cheers, Zampano
  8. What is a reasonable upgrade from Eurotek Pro DD right now?

    Hello, What would you suggest I upgrade to from Eurotek Pro DD? I was thinking about Minelab 705, what are your thoughts about it? I am not hunting in parks but mostly on fields and forests.