40% silver

  1. A Whole Roll of '67 Halves!

    On occasion I go to the bank and get some quarters, nickles or whatever, a few days ago I decided to turn in my quarters for cash, then go across the street and see if the other bank had any halves... the teller said they did but I would have to wait a few minutes for them (why? I have no clue)...
  2. Finding U.S silver halves up north

    What are the chances...to find U.S silver halves in Canada?
  3. 40% silver clad planchet -- Denver halves 1971 and 1977?

    How do experienced CRH-ers tell if a half dollar is struck on a 40% silver clad planchet? Are they silver on the rim like the 1965-1970 half dollars? I have read that there are some Denver half dollars, in 1971 and 1977, which are unique in this way. A typical 1971 or 1977 half dollar weighs...