1. Gold Rush in Wisconsin!

    The weather has been cold (temps in the 30's and low 40's) and windy (10-30 mph) the past few days here in Wisconsin, and I was a bit cold & discouraged after being skunked the time before (except for a little clad) but I changed up my strategy- I decided put in more hours swinging the stick...
  2. Gold and Silver! Great Start to the 2015 Season!

    Found 2 rings, a 10k ring and a 14k & silver ring (David Yurman) + $1.22 in clad coins! Cleaned up plenty of trash in between the treasure Discoveries, a Great day all in all!
  3. Gold & Silver on Lake Michigan Beach!

    Great Day at The Beach! Came home with some booty! A single 14k earring (with a white shiny stone! Diamond? Who knows) ...glad I re-checked the hole though, the back of the earring was in there too! That has never happened to me before. Also a .925 necklace, "Agatha" & "made in France" imprint...
  4. BackYard Finds - Jun 24th, 25th, 26th

    Nothing too spectacular. Don't have any advanced machinery yet but funny that the spots I detected last year in the same areas didnt show a signal as when I would get down close to the lawn and just wand it. Almost done with the whole backyard and side lawn. Interested to see what the front part...