1. Luxor - Ancient or not?

    Hi - I would be really grateful for some help with these two items. An amulet cat and a Bes image amulet (I think). I bought them years ago from a guy outside some tombs - who said he had found them. I have no idea if he was being honest or making a few quid from the tourists - but I liked...
  2. Wampum?? Talisman/Amulet? Other? Flat Button. 1683 Property, Mass

    Hi friends, John found these two items today. A flat button and something we can't quite figure out yet. Looking forward to your input. Thanks for looking! -Lisa & John
  3. Tiger Temple Amulet. Fake or Real?

    I found an amulet with Tiger Temple on it. Attractive souvenir.
  4. Hexagon Amulet w/ Triangle cut out

    German/French Hexagon Amulet, Crown Letters Hello TN Members, I thought you guys were the best ;) I still got not one reply, so I am adding more info: I thought U guys like a challenge! I found this Hexagon w/ Triangle in middle Amulet while MD'n around an old German/French Tower. Can you...