ancient artifacts

  1. Could Anyone Help Me ID This Metal Detecting Find?

    Could you help me id this Metal Detecting Find or send me in a direction/website Where I can upload metal detecting finds and get answers easily
  2. Ancient Pottery Need ID HELP!

    Found this on the beach in Puerto Rico. The black lines have been carved out and the glaze seems to have been tempered with sand perhaps as it has some sparkles in parts of it. Fairly thick and appears to be hand made (no wheel throwing lines). If i could get an aprox date of origin or place of...
  3. Aztec jewlery/ nephilim stone carvings

    I stayed with family in mexico for a while and found out they owned part of a mountain that a aztec pyramid is on so after rain storms the family would go look for things and after generations of searching they have a good collection of things im sure no ones seen. They gave me 2 carved heads...