antique anchor

  1. Old Anchor?

    Recently found this at a thrift shop. Appears to be an admiralty or kedge anchor. Trying to figure out the age or if it, or if it is a replica. There are not any identifying stamps that I can find on it. It does look like it has been painted. Roughly 35” tall by 25” wide & heavy ( haven’t...
  2. Old anchor help

    I posted this elsewhere on the site not realizing that the shipwreck forum was here. Found this 7.5' long, 300+lb anchor on my land along the Kennebec River in Maine. Wondering if anybody on here might have any information for me about it. Thanks
  3. Missouri River Anchor

    Good afternoon, My family owned a great deal of land in Montana, on the outskirts of Great Falls along the Missouri River from 1890 to 1994. My uncle found this anchor in the river, can anyone give me insight into what era and it's worth? We thought it could have been Lewis and Clark's missing...
  4. I need help with an antique anchor

    My dad recently passed away and I found this anchor in his garage when I was going through his things. It looks old. It is 50 inches tall and weighs about 20 pounds. Can someone tell me more about it? It is interesting that it only has one prong. It also doesn't have any kind of clevis for...