antique bottle

  1. Can anyone identify this bottle please

    I was out exploring today & came across this (I'm guessing) soda bottle, the lip is partially broke off, but I'm not familiar with the its diamond markings they are hard to tell in the picture cause the label is gone but the base has Contents 10 fl oz under that is the number 3 a symbol of an I...
  2. Went to a1800's site FOUND BOTTLES!!!

    Hello! I went detecting in a park that had an old one room school house in the 1800's. I didn't find anything metal worth keeping but I found these bottles. The green one isn't that old I don't think... or the brown one with the screw on top (I think it's just a modern beer). But the other brown...
  3. Pepsi Cola Bottle from way back

    This this is untouched since the old days.

    I have a coka cola bottle, says soda water, magnolia brand, has gulfport miss on the bottom. I can't find one online anywhere, Can someone help me identify it, and its value
  5. Bottle info.

    I found this in a 1800s trash pit in my yard. When I went to do research on it online I could not even find the store that sold it. Any info about it, its age and its value would be great. P.S. The bottle is embossed, "trade mark registered full measure pint A. Williams & son family wine store...