1. Apex is back & out to test it

  2. I'm Back!

    Back in high school, I had an old Bounty Hunter. I wasn't very good with it but I found some items. I stopped for 40+ years and recently decided to get back in. I had watched many YouTube videos including most of the ones by The Hoover Boys. On my birthday this year, Garrett introduced the Apex...
  3. Apex finds a mystery item

  4. Apex First cornfield hunt

  5. Apex factory reset procedure

    It seemed to help my Apex I was getting way to much chatter.
  6. Is no one discussing the Apex?

    I would love to hear more about the Apex. I wonder if much is really known about the Apex, or is it just another ho-hum detector that is not getting anyone excited? Garrett has the resources, so are they seriously competing with the Equinox, Simplex and Vanquish detectors?
  7. Garrett is back in the game with the Apex

    Garrett is back into the game! 1st it was a good way to reveal a new detector with everyone! No threat to the Equinxox technically EXCEPT it will get tons of new detectorists into the Garrett family and they will likely be loyal to garret. By the time they need to upgrade from the Apex Garrett...
  8. ✅ SOLVED The top says "APEX" and the bottom says "license notice inside" - made of Copper

    The top says "APEX" and the bottom says "license notice inside" - made of Copper I found this at an excavation site, it was cleared and there were piles of dirt all over the acreage. I washed this up and was wondering if any one knew or found one of these. Does it have to do with placing a...