1. South Arkansas. New to hobby.

    Hello. I'm from south Arkansas (El Dorado area) and brand new to the hobby. In the past I haven't seen many people out looking for relics, so I'm excited about the local possibilities. Looking forward to meeting others out in the field. Should be a great time to explore Union County.
  2. Native American Arrowhead found Nashville Arkansas

    I was in Nashville Arkansas and found this arrowhead while in a park. Would anyone have any ideas about the native Americans who were indigenous to that part of America?
  3. 2017 Relic finds from Northwest Arkansas and Southwest Missouri

    These are Civil War Relics I found in Northwest Arkansas and Southwest Missouri in 2017
  4. Need help with any info you have on these. I found them below the dam at....

    I found these a few years back at Beaver Lake located in Benton and Washington Counties in NorthWest arkansas. Was hoping maybe someone could tell me what period they are from or just any information. Iv been collecting arrowheads/native american tools for about ten years. I have alot more at...
  5. Please Help me with any info you can on these. I found them below the dam at....

    Hey sorry I hope i did this right. I found these a few years back in the summer when the lake was low. I found them at Beaver Lake which is a subsidary of the White river in Benton/Washington Counties in Northwest Arkansas. I was hoping maybe someone could help me with maybe the age and any...
  6. Alf Bolins Legendary Buried Treasure

    Alf Bolin's Legendary Buried Treasure Anyone Planning a Search for Alf Bolin's Loot in Missouri?:hello:
  7. Doing my part

    I decided to take some time to do my part to stand up for our rights as American citizens. I followed the proper channels from the local booth worker all the way to who ever answered the phone at the Arkansas State Parks Dept office. After some time on the phone it became clear that there is no...
  8. Russellville Arkansas-gold prospecting

    Hello from Arkansas. I am in Russellville Ar and am looking for a prospecting partner. I have a 4x4 and don't mind hitting the mountains:) Also, I hear that silver has been found in the natural state!!
  9. N.E. Arkansas Artifact Show

    N.E. Arkansas Native American Indian Artifact show in honor of Bill Rowlett. Saturday April 4 2015, Paragould Community Center 3404 Linwood Dr. (Hwy. 49) Paragould, Arkansas 72450 Next to Holiday Inn. Over 100 tables, Free admission. Display, Buy, Sell or trade. For more info contacted Dan...
  10. ar cotton gin any idea what i might find there?

    i have a top secret source in ar. that was previously a cotton gin circa 1890's - 1920's i have found some apothecary bottle fragments there but that is all. any idea what i might find or what you have found in these type sites? help will be much appreciated.
  11. Going to the Arkansas Diamond Mines - anywhere to Metal detect?

    My mom and I are going to Arkansas to dig for diamonds, but thought we would check out any sites to metal detect. Coming from Houston up US59/69 to Murfreesboro. Any suggestions appreciated!
  12. Searcy AR Parks

    Hi, I just moved to Searcy Ar. and was wondering... has anyone been to the parks around here. I noticed the other day when I was at Spring that someleft some open holes:unhappysmiley:. But, anyways just wondering if anyone else is in this area.
  13. Confederate Mothers Memorial Park Russellville. AR.

    Confederate Mother's Memorial Park Russellville. AR. WHERE: Confederate Mother's Memorial Park 1915 South Glenwood Avenue, Russellville. AR. This city park is listed in the National Register of Historic Places as a significant historic site. Three monuments dedicated to the Mothers of the...