1. Help on ID of Arrowhead found near Meramec River, Missouri.

  2. Arrow head Id help please?

    I found these both in south Texas, Mathis Texas. just trying to get some info on them, are they rare? The smaller one looks like it has blood on it.
  3. Help identifying time period and date of artifacts

    Hey everyone! I’ve been digging an overhang on my property in wv, I was hoping someone could help me identify some of the points as well as give their best time period estimate. Thanks everyone, have a great Christmas! -Metal detective kalin
  4. 🥇 BANNER Appalachian Pirate Treasure!!! 8 Reale!!

    Appalachian Pirate Treasure I’ve never been this lucky in my life… I’ll try to make this as fast as possible. So! I was sifting an over hang (ON MY PROPERTY, I feel like that’s important to clarify) very successfully by my standards, I’ll post the pictures of the artifacts after this. Anyway, I...
  5. Help IDing Point?

    Found this today on the river, any ideas on the type? And I found this knife,scraper(?) in about the same area. Thanks, 8-)
  6. New England points & tools:

    These pieces were found recently in the CT. river valley region... 6 pieces made up of 4 points in which 2 are incomplete and 2 are whole, and 2 scrapers. The materials are sugar quartz, flint of some kind and crystal quartz. The point types are a little tricky for me to absolute sure except for...