1. Large chrome W emblem with wings?

    A friend got this in a box of auction items, other stuff in the box dated pre-1953. A very large (15 inch) curved chrome logo featuring the letter W in a circle with wings. We've been snooping every automobile and aviation manufacturer we can come up with, even a few appliance companies, with...
  2. Button identification

    Found another button, need help with identification. Roughly the size of a U.S. penny, no inscriptions to be found. The automobile on the front is the only mark to go off of. Found in Sicily, maybe an automobile club? Thanks in advance!!
  3. Unknown Button & Spark Plug?

    Found this first item at an old school house. I would assume it's something automotive, maybe an old spark plug kind of thing? Any ideas? This button was found around an old trading post. I'm not sure if it's actually military or not? Any ideas would be welcomed.