barber half dollar

  1. Found sweet BIG silver and a bunch of small 1800's silvers! Check it out
  2. 1895S Barber Half-Dollar (South Jersey)

    Since there is no Yesterday's Finds thread, I have to post this on Today's Finds :tongue3:. Well, yesterday I was attempting to hunt a school, however, the school I wanted was still in session. So, I moved to plan B, which is an elementary school built in 1955. I was no the grounds for about...
  3. St. Augustine hunt - my first silver half dollar

    Was visiting St. Augustine last week and we were visiting an artists home to look at some paintings. Home was built around 1900 and I happened to mention metal detecting to the artist who then said I would be welcome to swing his property. Wow, what an unexpected opportunity. Had the MD in...
  4. 1905 O Barber Half

    Hi Everyone Detected a roadside park on Saturday afternoon, it was hit and miss most of the day dodging the rain. I ended the hunt with 13 wheat cents and this 1905 O barber half.. Happy Hunting ! Dave