1. World Series Champions, All-Star Autographs Found at Yard Sale for $1

    Check out what I found at a yard sale. The seller was planning to throw away all of the items at the end of the day, so everything was priced to sell ($1 per photo pack). I knew that these packs had to be worth something based on their age and seeing Mickey Mantle staring back at me. What I...
  2. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Anyone Recognize the Name of this Boys Baseball Team?

    Just curious, what is the name of this boy's baseball team. Team name is written on their jerseys. Back of photo "Kodak Velox Paper". I found it in a wallet with Brooklyn, New York, Franklin K Lane High School card. Possibly 1950s but IDK. Thanks for checking it out!
  3. Help Identify Old Baseball - Should I pitch it in the trash? Harwood 1858 Horsehide

    Just trying to identify this old baseball before I pitch it in the trash. Can't figure it out. :icon_scratch: It's signed many times... I guess by kids. OSMA Scholars 3 Brooklyn 0 7-7-1953; Stamps appears to read: Harwood Baseball 1858, Horsehide, #66?; I welcome you input! Thx
  4. Man Realizes Baseball Bat at Garage Sale is Worth More Than $1

    The seller had no clue that the bat belonged to Jackie Robinson. She said her children played with the baseball bat all the time in their backyard while growing up.
  5. ✅ SOLVED Who is Frank Lyons? Baseball - Commerated on wooden Louisville Slugger Bat - Pencil

    I think the name on this bat pencil is Frank J Lyons. I have no idea who his is but he is commemorated on a pencil bat. Louisville Slugger Wooden Bat Pencil by Hillerich & Bradsby. Googled, and found this: " Frank Lyons, CU, 1920" but what does CU mean and is this the same guy...
  6. 1968 Autographed Poster of Bob Gibson - Cardinals Baseball

    Not a fan of baseball but I bought this poster for 50cents. It appears to be signed in pen "Bob Gibson, Cy Young & MVP, '68". I found the photo online but it is not signed. So, I can't tell if it is actually signed or printed with his autograph. Any comments?
  7. MacGregor Baseball Mitt - Anyone Recognise the Model?

    Found this leather MacGregor Baseball glove. I think it is youth / child size. The markings are worn. Anyone recognize the model or year?
  8. vintage (?) wooden baseball bats

    greetings all. new user here and i have been attempting to find information online regarding vintage wooden baseball bats. my in-laws are going through some stuff and they found several bats (as pictured). i will say that i'm sorry if this is something that is not all that wonderful. i know...
  9. Baseball Signature Identification

    I have found this baseball at a local goodwill and I cannot seem to figure out who it was signed by.
  10. Thrift 2 eBay: Tip #2 - Baseball Bats

    Batter Up! A few bats I have waiting to be listed **PLEASE FEEL FREE TO POST YOUR OWN ADVICE TO THIS TOPIC! I WILL ADD YOUR ADVICE IN A SUMMARY IN THE ORIGINAL POST SO IT IS EASY TO FIND.** Did you know baseball bats can do quite well on eBay? Baseball bats are items that people have no...
  11. 1957 Boston Red Sox Team Signed/Autographed Baseball, Ted Williams etc.

    1st Panel: Mike Higgins Ted Williams 2nd Panel: Mickey Vernon Will Nixon Gene Mauch Bob Porterfield Rudy Minarcin 3rd Panel: Jackie Jensen Gene Stephens Frank Malzone Dave Dialer Dean Stone Ike Delock Panel 4: Frank Sullivan Ted Lepcio Norm Zauchin Tom Brewer Panel 5: Del Baker (coach)...