beach hunting

  1. Pull handle distance

    Just wondering how far from the scoop to place the pull handle To relieve stress on my arm and wrist. thanks
  2. How Beach Hunting is Done

    I've got a suggestion for all of you beach hunters. I thought I know how to and where to until I watched the Dankowski Beach and Swimming Hole Hunting video. I've refined my entire game with this dvd. Anyone else watched and done the same ? Got any comments, suggestions or tips to add ?
  3. All of my first month junk finds!

    I decided to clean my junk finds out of my car. Here they are including hunts at beaches, parks & remote areas of Florida. To my untrained eye they are "junk" finds anyway. If you see a possible hidden gem let me know! Thanks for the input!
  4. San Diego/Orange Co. Low Tide Disappointment--Any Feedback?

    Happy New Year to you all. I was excited to get out into the shallow surf and take advantage of the record low tides at the end of December and beginning of January, but came up empty-handed. I spent four days with my Minelab CTX3030 in the surf in Del Mar, Oceanside, and Laguna Beach, but...
  5. Advice Please! Buying a pinpointer for Christmas gift????

    Hi all, I am not sure where this should be posted but I would like some advice or an opinion on a good pin pointer to buy for my husband for Christmas. Since he has been hunting the beach seriously for the last year or two (and finding me jewelry :) I would like to get him something detecting...
  6. Live Metal Detecting Radio Show...Tuesday Night...8:30 PM Eastern Time

    Tomorrow night .. Sept. 24th, 2013.....8:30 PM EASTERN TIME...The Detecting Lifestyle Radio Show ....."BACK TO THE BEACH"This show will focus on metal detecting on the beach. Discussion will center around detecting the beach in the coming fall/winter months...Strategies, things to look for ...
  7. Hurricane of 1889

    I work in a Resort Hotel at Disney and found a Harper's Weekly newspaper framed on the 2nd floor of the Boardwalk Inn. It was the aftermath of a 1889 Hurricane that destroyed the water front of Atlantic City and also grounded a Sailing ship. I don't think it sank but merely grounded. I...
  8. Gotta Love the Beach Weather In Florida this time of year

    View of the beach I was MD on yesterday! Gotta Love Florida weather this time of year!