bedrock crecives

  1. Moving Boulders to find Placer Gold

    Moving Boulders to reach Bedrock Crevices to locate those Placer Gold Nuggets that are hiding just out of sight. Jeff and Gary ( Two Toes ) use a Come-along and a Breaker bar to move the boulders then check the bedrock crevices with a Minelab SDC 2300 Metal Detector. A Come-Along is a hand...
  2. Gold Prospecting Flood Gravels Deposited Between Bedrock Crevices

    Here's a short video showing the second area I worked on my last prospecting trip, I was walking along the river and noticed a large amount of protruding bedrock which had a number of small crevices all covered in flood gravels. The material obviously hadn't been touched since it was put there...