big silver

  1. Big SILVER found by a three year old!

    My 3 year old nephew came over today and asked to look for “treasure!” (Usually that consists of memorial pennies and clad coins.) We headed to our back yard to search around. The back yard has been hit hundreds of times and is very low on signals- so I told him to guide me to the “treasure”...
  2. Found sweet BIG silver and a bunch of small 1800's silvers! Check it out
  3. Hit big silver in the curb scrape

    My husband and I have been detecting for 5 years and this is the first time we've felt it worth posting. These are our finds from today's curb scrape. We also hit a lakeside Park and the beach Friday evening. The beach yielded 2 junk rings for my husband and a little clad for the both of us. The...
  4. First Ben Franklin Half...1962

    This morning I was helping a friend from work learn his ACE 250. He just started metal detecting about a month ago and had some questions about pinpointing and signal verification. So I would scan the ground for a target with my AT Pro and then have him go over the same target with his 250 to...
  5. E-trac Detecting: BIG Silver and more.

    Hello everyone, I detected a couple local schools this past week and did Ok. Got my second Silver Half of the year and a few other goodies. Still pulling decent stuff out of local parks and schools as I still haven't got the courage up to start door knocking. So many old properties around...
  6. Two Barber halves in the same hole! Got it on film too!

    Best day in a while!:headbang: Dirt Fishin America Episode 1: CTX 3030 Finds BIG SILVER. Two Barber halves in one hole! - YouTube