1. Robins - Life in a Teapot

    Hung an old teapot in the garden and within days a couple of Robins started nesting in it. Set up a camera and filmed their activities from the day of hatching to fledging. 15 days of filming condensed into 22 minutes. Enjoy x
  2. Laws re Bird Feathers, Parts, etc. (& not JUST eagles!!!)

    (I wrote this in another thread, but thought it might be helpful to add it here. Not "treasure" hunting related, per se, but being out in the field hunting, we've all come across the occassional cool feather, empty nest or other bird "relic"! Right?) So, in the U.S. it's technically illegal...
  3. A duck and several other things in a buried pine knot, i think

    Last week i was digging on the side of a gully, pulling up a few objects i will post as soon as i get most of the red mud off of, and under one of the larger rocks i found, what appears to be a pine knot or some part of a pine tree! At first i thought i had loped of and ear of what i thought was...