1. My first Bison antiquus skull! old lock and a few scrapers!

    Bison antiquus skull believed to be extinct around 13,000 years ago. An old lock and a few hyde scrapers and a hafted Hyde scrapers. I found these in 2021
  2. Full Bison Skull

    I found my second bison skull today, it is complete all the way down to the snout and has a little tip damage on the horn but I don’t care! This thing is heavy! It’s huge! NEKS  EDIT: a pic with my keys as size reference this thing is a monster!
  3. Bison Bison Jaw?

    Bison bison or Bos Taurus (cow)? Found on a river gravel bar in Sothern Minnesota. Sediments in the area range from cretaceous to holocoen with a good amount of Wisconsin lobe glacial till. Previously we have found other bison (long bones and teeth), elk, bear, mammoth, and ancient horse...
  4. Bison in early morning fog

    Saw something really pretty yesterday morning and wanted to share. It was foggy and the bison were feeding in all the little valley's on the Prairie, which made for an awesome sunrise! The bison were "steamy" in the cool morning air. Thanks for looking!