1. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED A Mystery Bone from What?

    I was in southeastern British Columbia and had been fly fishing in a river when I noticed a small bit of whitish color peaking up from the gravel. It was buried and I had to dig it out and was surprised to find this bone. It's very, very smooth without rough edges. I don't know what it might be...
  2. Witch Vibes

    Witch Vibes

    Rocks, trinkets and bones from an armadillo that died in my backyard.
  3. Introduction - Hello from Minnesota

    Hi, I'm Marcus. I like the bones of American megafauna. I hunt/collect rock and bone on river and creek gravel deposits on foot and by kayak. I live in Southern Minnesota. :skullflag: Come join this Minnesota fossil group if you are interested...
  4. LONG Kayak Session this weekend. Bones n stones, need IDs. Central IL

    Hey all! Rookie on the forum and new to creek walking/river hunting. Pretty much look for whatever catches my eye. Here are this weekend's spoils. Hunting the Sangamon River in Illinois. Bones: Stones: Are the bones just Cow and...
  5. What kind of bird vertebrae is this from???

  6. What kinds of animal or mammal are these bones from??

    I found some more bones! Can anyone help out?
  7. Found some teeth! What mammal ort animal is it from???

  8. I found some bones out in my back yard while digging!!!!

    What kind of animal or mammal or species is it from??
  9. Is this bones

    I found this conglomerate type and appears to have small bones and 1 longer one. I'm just curious if it is. Thank you.
  10. Brazos River, Texas - Claws, Teeth, Bones

    These are some of the fossils I've found on the Brazos River. .
  11. What animals bone is this?

    What animal's bone is this? I found this bone today, i am not too sure what part of the body it might of been, i found it in England, Hunstanton on the beach sand. As seen in the pictures it is only 4-5 cm wide. As it was on the beach i think it might be a fish or a bird but please tell me what...
  12. one of my digs any guess to what it might be

    I started digging cause the rock sticking out of the ground looked interesting. Any guesses to what it might be?