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  1. Can anyone identify this cool old bottle?

    Can anyone Identify this bottle? It has a number 28 at the very bottom as well as "No Refill" as well as some dots written along the bottom rim. Cool bottle just curious what beverage it once contained. Thanks all ;)
  2. Cobalt Bromo Seltzer bottle

    Found along river. Is this bottle worth anything ?!
  3. Need help Identifying these 2 beautys !

    Need help Identifying these 2 beauty's ! Hi all, Been awhile since I've logged on. I feel I did really good today. Two finds, I'm better with bottles, but still these are glass. The Vase I first thought a fruit jar when i saw it from a Distance , but its a the Sun light or any...
  4. C. C. Kewney& Co. Liverpool 1859 patent black bottle worth

    Have found a black bottle about 8 1/2" tall with the following 2-piece mold lettering: C. C. Kewney& Co. Liverpool (second C might be a G) Reverse: REGISTERED 25th JANy 1859 E.LYON & SONS, ST. HELENS. Any ideas on value. There is a tiny chip (< 3/8") on bottom, but just a flake chip. Bottle...