1. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Decorative Piece Of Brass....SOMETHING?!? Help ID!

    Hi everyone. Found this today on my hunt, also found a nice old buckle about 10ft from this thing...Brass I think, could be obvious to some !:) Let me know your thoughts, definitely decorative. For reference this was found on a VA Farm Filed with Civil War background, perhaps colonial as well...
  2. ✅ SOLVED buckle age Identification

    Hey guys and gals I would appreciate a little help! Any one with knowledge of buckles would be great! I would like the age or roughly the era the buckle came from. The buckle is brass I believe. I am currently hunting an area that was a home site around the turn of the century. Thanks for any...
  3. Copper Buckle

    Got some kind of buckle the other day. Anyone have an idea? Says "PAT AP'D FOR" Patent Applied for..
  4. Worm attack after barbeque party! :))

    In the yard with sieve and pickaxe after a barbecue surely go a breath of fresh air and do some move! 1. aluminum spoon 2. metal ball 3. Coin: 15 Bani 1975 4. 1 buckle 5. 1 Key 6. 1 piece of coal 7. one button 8. What worm is that!?
  5. Medieval bronze buckel

    A sunny day and then fill the cool breeze of summer rain that happened in the distance! Today I'll show you a story! Story May 1 detector! 1. Harvesters knife 2. a protective amulet in the shape of a horseshoe (I think) 3. Interestingly stake wrought 4. Hook strange unidentified 5. piece of...