1. Locations for civil war artifacts in Virginia

    Finally I recently started metal detecting. Does anybody know any sites in Virginia and/or Maryland where you can find civil war relics? To be as clear as possible, please give GPS coordinates if you can along with any other additional information. Also, I would like to find some people to go...
  2. Looking for someone to hunt with......CNY area

    Looking for someone to hunt with in CNY. I have a few places of interest and possible permission on a few old properties. If you are interested plese let me know. I detect rain or shine!!!
  3. MD Buddy - Vancouver Area

    Looking for a MD Buddy who likes parks and swimming holes. I also have gold claim maps for Washington and Oregon along with info for longitude and latitude of claims if anyone is I tersted in MD prospecting as well. :hello:
  4. Greetings from the Pacific Northwest

    Just a short note to say Hi from Beautiful green Washington state Looking for MD buddies in Southwest Washington since I am new to this area. I love shallow water detecting and currently Doing some research on Pacific Northwest ghost towns. Been a Treasure hunter for the past 20+ years in...
  5. Buddy for Fayetteville,NC

    Need a buddy to go hunting with and show me some spots to detect this week. Reply back if you want to ask more about this or schedule a time to go and detect
  6. Looking for other T.H.'s in Charlotte County

    Hi all, I live in Port Charlotte and have been out of the hobby for many years. Just bought a Whites Spectrum XLT and am looking for recommendations for productive areas to get back into detecting. Also looking for others in the area to hunt with. Thanks
  7. Anyone in New Jersey want to do some hunting today and or Tomorrow?

    Hi Guys, Anyone interested in doing some hunting today and or tomorrow (March 25th, 26th 2016)? I am from Monmouth and Ocean counties but I have no problem traveling within New Jersey either. I look forward to hearing from you!
  8. Looking for a detecting buddy

    I'm newish to detecting and I use a AT Pro. I have land we can hunt on. Message for more details
  9. Lewiston Maine buddy hunt

    Hello just got on this site. Looking for a hunting buddy in the Lewiston Auburn area.:hello2:
  10. Tucson AZ diggin buddy

    lookin for a digging buddy to go detecting with me. i live in downtown tucson. PM me if you are interested