cartrige case

  1. Theodore Roosevelt Assorted Cartridges and items

    Hi, I’m new to the Forum. I own a piece of property formally owned by Theodore Roosevelt. A friend of mine gave me a metal detector and I’ve been finding so many exciting things. Saw blades, shotgun shells, military rounds, 45/90’s Krags. Any advice on what else to look for? Thanks!

    PERFECT GROTH AG 12 from where (country)? what period?
  3. 14 cartrige, 4 coin, german WW2 Button and all

    Detection Iasi April 17, 2013 1. Metal Disc? 2. Old bicycle horn 3. old cover 4. Radio button 5. Rolled copper? 6. Brass Ornament 7. U.4.00 (like). Since the projectile? 8. The bullet that hit the front 9. German WWII military button 10. 4 Coins: a. 5 bani 1905 b. 15 bani 1975 X 2 c. 50 Lei...