1. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Possible Botryoidal

    Found this small specimen at the Lavic siding area in Barstow, CA. It looks like botryoidal agate but the growths seem to protrude further upward then what I have seen photos of online.
  2. Exploring the Old Abandoned Black Sheba Mine

    We dive into the Black Sheba Mine⛏ and trace some geologic features. This mine is full of brightly colored mineralization! Later, we explore an old ghost town and find some really cool botryoidal chalcedony and opal deposits.
  3. Fossil / Agate ID Very strange petrified fossils? Bone?

    These were found 30 miles South-East of Prescott, AZ. The Locality is Know for Early Neolithic Mammalian fossils. I didn't make it down to the valley where they were supposed to be, although I started picking up scattered agates and chalcedony. Upon arriving home I lightly cleaned and cut some...
  4. Fossil? Clear Chalcedony Inclusion

    I found this specimen 30 Miles South east of Prescott, AZ in an area where early Neolithic Mammal fossils have been found. When hounding I picked up agate and chalcedony that was scattered all over, not thinking they were anything than normal. These two pieces I picked up seemingly fit...
  5. chalcedony?

    what do you think about it? a chalcedony? location: marmara sea shore, kocaeli turkiye.
  6. Blue that looks pink in the light?

    Found this last night just before the sun went down. Its weird transparency is interesting to say the least? Anybody have info? I would appreciate any comments or input!
  7. 8 Years Have Pasted

    In 2004 I was on my aunts land located in the south eastern tip of Tennessee. Knowing that her land was a prime location for thunder eggs.. I was able to spot a few ill formed eggs.. those which the cows trampled open or broke while gracing. The hills behind her house are know for "Clear Day...