1. Equinox 800 chatter with no values shown to discriminate?

    Hi All. I've just got my first Minelab Equinox 800, read through the online manual and had a play so I think I understand the basics but I've got a question around what's probably 'chatter'. Basically, depending on the ground, the detector quite often bleeps without showing any numbers on the...
  2. Newbie Question: Chatter on the Eqx 600

    LOVE my new Equinox 600, but every once in a while, when I turn it on, I get constant noise chatter, like Morse Code signals. What setting must I use to tune this out? Thanks in advance. :icon_scratch:
  3. Silver uMax - "Morse Code" interference

    I posted the message below in the Tech Talk forum. I hope it's OK to post it here, too, because other Silver uMax users are more likely to see it here. Are any of you seeing a problem like this? Also, have any Compadre users run into a problem like this? I'm thinking of buying one as a backup...