cherokee treasure

  1. Trying to Identify?

    I have been collecting for years and honestly have no idea what is real and what isn't. I have only posted a few of the hundreds I have please help me.
  2. Track rock to possible Cherokee gold mine or maybe something else

    i have recently came across with some what i assume is Cherokee Indian carvings, i am not going to tell the exact location but it is in north Georgia. The boulder sits a quarter ways up a small hill, and is next to a small creek. In this location it is really untouched basically in the middle...
  3. Secret Cherokee Tunnel Treasure & MAP OF THIEVES

    Hey fellow Georgia hunters, I wanted to announce my new mystery thriller novel MAP OF THIEVES which plays off the legend of the Secret Cherokee Tunnel that supposedly is located somewhere along the Etowah River from Hightower to Canton. This novel is set in Georgia with scenes in Savannah...