1. 3 of my favorite point finds!Uvalde/Zephyr/Clovis

    Uvalde, zephyr, and unfluted and discarded Clovis culture point. Big stack on one side but still amazing. The black zephyr point is a 4 inch 1st or second stage point. My favorite finds here in Central Texas 2021&2022
  2. Beautiful multicolored arrowhead

    This beautiful rock was found by my wife in stone county missouri, I do believe it is a clovis and one of the best native arrowheads I have ever seen, this point is also one of the most colorful rocks I've ever seen it has red,orange,black,white,greyish bluish, tan and also sparkles at ya from a...
  3. Is this a clovis point?

    I'm brand new on here. I was wondering if this is a Clovis point? Any info will be appreciated.
  4. Banded Clovis

    Tyler Childers wrote and performed Banded Clovis. Enjoy.
  5. Clovis-need help!

    This was part of the “Charles Elgin” collection. Not sure who he is ( any ideas)? Anyways a buddy of mine wants to buy it. Before he does, do you see any issues with it. Supposedly from Ohio or Ky. One thing to point out, there are no copper reminants on the base which is often a clue to a...
  6. Clovis point???

    Newbie here and I just want y'all to identify this. (Also I am from south Texas, and just a few hundred feet from a river) I found this arrowhead (or whatever it was used for) in the backyard of my local library after they had plumbing issues resolved. I found it around 6 years ago, but never...
  7. Rutz Clovis

    Hello all! I've been asked to post a thread regarding an item in my possession called the Rutz Clovis, my family is in the process of deciding what to do with the piece and we're looking for information since we've basically not a clue where to start besides some old letters from Gramly, among...
  8. Rutz Clovis

    My family and I have recently decided to look into what to do with the Rutz Clovis point, as far as I've been able to gather there is only one Clovis point bigger (that is, of the same length but slightly wider) that was found, but it seems that there is a bit of disagreement as to whether the...
  9. mystery arrowhead

    I arrowhead hunt in the Owens Valley in California often, and two years ago I found a BEAUTIFUL obsidian arrowhead. (may be a spear point or something, i just don't know what to call it so...) I don't have any pics but it is about the size of my middle finger long, thin, and narrow. it has a...