coinmaster pro

  1. My mom found a 10k gold ring today!

    Mom found gold and I got skunked. Mom found a 10k gold ring with fake diamonds! I got a Jesus pendant that was brass but marked 14k Italy :icon_scratch:. see the video of the hunt here:
  2. My mom and I detecting.

    My mom and I have been filming our hunts this year. I'm using the tesoro vaquero and he's using the coinmaster. Here are our vids: (mother's day hunt ) ( detecting behind someone leaving their junk near...
  3. War nickel and gold #3 for 2014 :)

    Haven't gotten to hunt much lately since the weather is terrible. Took the ol' cmpro out to a park I've been to a couple of times. The war nickel was only down about 4 inches near a soccer field and the 14k gold pendant was just under the wood chips in a tot lot... it comes in as foil on the...
  4. First 2 golds of 2014 for me wahoo :)

    I got a childs 14k ring with a blue stone in it today, I also got a disney minnie/mickey mouse ring that has a hallmark of V.D.S.S. on the band which means Van Dell Sterling Silver but on the back of the mouse heads there is a 14k stamp. Also got a couple of junkers and some surface toy finds.
  5. I tried but this is what I came home with.

    I put in a decent effort to get my first gold for 2014. Today was not the day... definitely hitting this park again. Does this picture show diligence or insanity?:dontknow:
  6. metal robin and silver!

    Nicer weather today, got out for a bit. Got a metal Robin that says copyright 1992 on the bottom, it's pretty cool and rang up like a quarter on the coinmaster pro. I also got 2 rings (Robin is holding both). One ring is junk and the other says Mexico 925 :headbang:. The coinmaster saw the junk...
  7. Second ever class ring found! Time to find the owner... this one is damaged.

    1992 Auburn High School class ring found. A bit bent and missing the stone...
  8. Silver chain for the fourth of July!

    Nice surprise for the fourth of July! A .925 silver chain! Got some metal autobot earrings too (see the bling pile) :laughing7:
  9. another 10k gold ring! Along with more bling...

    Got some clad, a bit of bling and a bent/broken 10k ring today. It's nice to find gold but I kinda like straightening the rings out and wearing them just once... not gonna happen with this one hehe. :headbang:
  10. tot lot gold!

    Hunting a tot lot with scarce signals today, I got maybe 6 signals and 3 were gum wrappers :/ One of the foil signals turned out to be a tiny and I mean TINY 10k ring with a stone in it! I am not sure if the stone is real but it's a nice little find for slim pickins hunt :icon_thumleft:
  11. bling blingitty bling bling silver and gold :)

    Silver and gold today! Well I think... I got a bunch of hood bling and one animal face ring that seems to be gold. The animal face ring is so thin that it's barely thicker than the walls of an aluminum can. Whoever made it, made it super thin. In the places where it is broken the metal color is...
  12. Class ring found, now to find the owner!! My first!!!

    Swinging my CMPRO at my latest top secret jewelry spot and I got a solid nickel signal that was bouncing back to foil a bit. When this beast of a ring came out of the plug I was really excited, it's 10k white gold. I've always wanted to do a ring return and I finally have my chance and I owe it...
  13. 10k with a stone :)

    10k ring found this morning with a little diamond in it. I went back to the park that I was hammering yesterday with all of the fake rings and right next to one of my plugs was a solid nickel signal. "How did I miss that?" I asked myself. I swear I knew what it was before I dug it. Ah well...
  14. Grind of a day. Finally ended up with an honorable mention.

    After hitting a couple of my regular spots, I went back to the park where I found the counterfeit gold chain. As before there were signals everywhere. I was digging a ton of bottle tops (mostly cobra) and assorted trash. I was trying to clear out every signal that I hit. I started hitting junk...