colonial copper

  1. KG3 - half penny - (1760-1820)

    Here it is!! My oldest coin yet, found a few weeks ago!! Still pretty stoked about this one with all the history in this area. Gives me chills when I hold it. KGIII half penny! Pictures don't really show the bust very well, but with the right light and right angle you can definitely see it...
  2. Georgivs III

    I assume this is simply a heavily corroded Virginia half penny(w/ period) but the reverse is suspect- but since its to distorted that's what I'm going with. Oldest find ever, made this week at a county park.
  3. Unidentifiable Colonial Copper? Or Something Else?

    Hello. I have never posted anything before but am curious about this item. Here is the geographic background. We just bought a house in Hull, MA. It is at the very top of a hill that has certainly had some kind of frequent occupation since Hull was first a fishing outpost in the 1620s. It's a...