1. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Unknown mineral inside concretion

    Hi. I Found this mineral inside of a concretion. The minerals that I typically find inside the concretions local to my area are calcite and Aragonite. This is the only one I have ever opened that looks like this. Any ideas? Thank you. Location: Orange County, California
  2. Bahamas Treasure Find! Your experience needed asap! Spanish/Dutch treasure and artifacts.

    Years ago, a Spanish ship filled with silver treasure was found off the south coast of the Bahamas where I am staying. I have dived that site and found parts of the ship. Yesterday however, I believe I may have found a real gem! At first I thought it was an old bottle, but when I picked it up it...
  3. Help! Is this a rock, fossil, some thing else?

    I am new to treasure hunting. Found this in sticky clay of natural spring on S. Oregon coast. Has shiny outer shell and a smooth grain under loupe.I have looked in all rock, mineral and fossil pics I can find. Not magnetic. Any help is appreciated.
  4. Fig Shaped Rock

    I could use any info identifying this rock. I've not seen veining like this before. Thanks
  5. Michigan Lightning Stone Spheres

    I've found quite a few Michigan Lightning Stones this year and finally got around to making some spheres. I really like this kind of stone.