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  1. Scythian coins from Ukraine

    Hello everyone, Some of my best finds, I'm from Ukraine, we had Scythians, this is the 1st century BC to the 5th century AD
  2. ✅ SOLVED 1817 large cent 13 stars, what is its worth?

    So I recently acquired this 1817 13 stars large cent coin (my oldest coin in my modest collection:headbang::headbang:). So I was wondering what its worth is, I bought it for 13.50$. Thank you so much!
  3. ✅ SOLVED HELP first copper cant ID it anyone with software that can help?

    HELP first copper can't ID it anyone with software that can help? Hey everyone ei am new to the forum but i dug this copper its my very first and i can't make it out i was wondering if anyone has software or "the eye" that can ID this thing without a shadow of a doubt and if able pull any...
  4. ✅ SOLVED Copper Coin ID Help Needed

    Hello. Long-time visitor, 1st post. Your kind help is needed. First, some background: Found the coin below this past Feb. (mild winter in So. NJ) while exploring my yard for the umpteenth time. This was actually my last target for the day as I was walking from my backyard to my garage to put...