1. Orange County Parks Metal Detecting Permit

    Just found out that, they issue lifetime permits. However, the info I need to apply, fees involved, etc., is nowhere to be found on the website. I did submit an e-mail request for this info to them. Knowing how fast (read:slow) government moves, does anyone here have any info on this that care...
  2. Why has NO ONE posted this?! Siskiyou County will NOT prosecute Dredgers!

    Ok, so I have known about this for about 2 weeks now and I am surprised that no one has posted it here yet. In short, Siskiyou County is back open for dredging! This does not guarantee that you wont get a ticket, but the DA will NOT prosecute you. So at worst you are out time and small court...
  3. PA County Histories, Maps, Forts, Civil War

    I've spent the last 10 years buying and converting old county histories and other information dealing mostly with Pennsylvania into searchable eBooks. I am disabled and with my fondness of history, it is a labor of love for me. Feel free to visit my link below. Thanks! MT_Joe