1. WTB Detech Ultimate 13" for 4pin Tesoro

    Looking for Ultimate 13" for delta Tesoro. Thanks!
  2. 🙋 WANTED dd coils for teknetics (greek) gamma, or fisher f5 any and all

    looking for good used dd coils. 5 inch to 15 inch. whatever brand. what you got? need asap. Thank you, Nick:hello2:
  3. 🏁 COMPLETED Teknetics Delta 4000 complete kit

    Traded it... thanks Delta 4000 it is in mint condition. It comes with the digger, the Pinpointer, and the cary bag. NO HEADPHONES. I don't use it or need it. Will trade for whites or tesoro MD, or tell me what you have and we may reach some deal. I am also looking for whites coils (300 LTD...