diamond ring

  1. Florida Beach Jewelry Found! Stamped Gold Bracelet?!

    Found this vintage looking scarab style bracelet on the towel lines. The bracelet looks vintage possibly. Spring ring style clasp with stamped plate that looks to have a 14 in a square and either a hallmark or inscription above it. Gems don’t look real but I’m no expert??!! Either way cool...
  2. 🏆 HONORABLE MENTION Bleak day turns good! Gold Ring #7 found and returned, silver ring and need button ID

    I had high hopes when I first got out to the beach, there were 2-3 foot cuts in certain spots up and down the beach so I hit the closest one and started in....nuthin.....hit the next...nuthin.....and a repeat ALL along the way. There is just still so much sand on the beach that even with 3 foot...
  3. Video of me finding a 14k and diamond ring with my Tesoro Vaquero

    skip to about 8:05 to see the start of the gold dig :)
  4. 14k gold ring with real diamonds!

    I was out at alocal park/football field today and I got a nickle signal on the Tesoro Vaquero. I dug it up and found a cheesy looking, but real gold and diamond ring. I was pretty stoked :) it weighs 7.1 grams!
  5. My First Diamond Ring!!!

    Found my first ring yesterday! it was in the "grandma" zone at low tide, dug at about 8" it has a 925 sterling silver stamp on the band, not sure if the diamond is real or not but will have it appraised. my thoughts are that its real only because the setting is heavy duty and would they put a...