1. ✅ SOLVED Help Identify: Stainless Steel and Sterile. Medical Drill Bit? Bone? Teeth?

    I found several stainless instruments that were in sterile packages. I think they might attach to a drill. Are they for drilling into bone... teeth... surgery? Human or Animal? :icon_scratch:
  2. Inherited possible native artifacts? Drills?

    Hi everyone, thanks in advance your help with these. My grandpa left pails of rocks in his garage when he passed, which after some investigation over the years I’m thinking might be native artifacts? Doing some spring cleaning so I decided to finally clean them up and snap some pictures to...
  3. Drill,Knife & Quartz knife tip

    Hello, :hello: I got out in my favorite creek today & on the walk to it I found what I thought was a flint chip with mud on it so I picked it up (thank goodness!), when I got home & washed it off I got a very nice surprise! :headbang: A quartz knife tip ( & just to let you know in this SMALL...
  4. Missouri drill

    Went to see the grand kids in Lowry City Missouri and while there went arrowhead hunting on the father-in-laws property where my son found his first artifact. Nice piece of a drill. Couldn't find the other half but I'm sure he will be back. Don't know what age maybe someone can tell from the...
  5. ✅ SOLVED translucent pointed stone object

    Found this in south central Iowa near Lamoni on a dirt trail. It is translucent, seems to be stone, and has a "tiger eye" fracture from top to bottom that refracts light shined through it. The quarter is for size comparison. Any thoughts as to what this is would be greatly appreciated.