east fork san gabriel

  1. Azusa East Fork

    Heading up to Azusa canyon on Monday if anyone is interested in meeting up. Also was looking for suggestions as to where to narrow my search to. I'm not asking for secret honey holes or choice spots just a starting point. Any help would be great thank you
  2. East Fork San Gabriel

    Hi all! New gold digger to the site and haven't prospected in a few years. Looking to meet anyone interested in hiking a couple miles up East Fork or Lytle Creek and sluice for the day. I'm in Corona. [email protected]
  3. East Fork San Gabriel PS Online Meeting

    I thought that this might be of interest. Hopefully East Fork will remain open to enjoy for prospectors. I know the first of the meetings was yesterday, but the next one will be tomorrow. Posted From: Legal Information - Action Alert: Special Meeting called at last minute Critical Deadline...
  4. the Prospector

    OK, I had to poke a little fun at us prospectors. I filmed a little short up at San Gabriel East Fork. Found a little gold while showing the actor how to pan. :) Hope you like it.