1. Is this petrified egg??

    Found this about 20 years ago as a bit. Wondering all these years if it's an egg.p
  2. Strange Rock Found. Need Help!!

    I found this rock by this creek that isn't even a mile away from Lake Erie. It was cool looking with the Water Horse egg look. The rock was very heavy too. When I found it, the rock had a crack straight down in the middle. Since I'm not an expert and I don't collect rocks, I decided to crack it...
  3. Egg-Shaped Stone (Any Idea?)

    Hello fellow THunters! I would like to present our new finds. There are a number of them that we fortunately found inside an urn. We found these and a few green marbles (about 1 inch in diameter) inside a deep cave. I have taken snapshots of this perfectly egg-shaped stone which emits a...