1. ✅ SOLVED Small square with hieroglphics

    Seems to be of either copper or brass. Found metal detecting around a house built in the 20's. It has been abandoned since the 80's and is in the middle of the woods. Property goes back to the mid 1800's, but original house was torn down and the current house was built. Found in Venango County...
  2. Death Mask of Tutankhamen and other treasures, original stuff

    i found these treasure buried in Somalia, which was under the Pharaoh kingdom long time ago, so are these worth any thing, are there many ancient. i know the original mask is in Egypt, but this one is was also made centuries ago, i am confused, can somebody please tell what they are worth?
  3. Ancient garage sale find

    This coin was picked up at a garage sale for 25 cents. Its in very poor condition, but still has identifying marks. I have no idea what it is. How about you guys?
  4. This couldnt possibly be a solid gold Egyptian spoon could it?

    This couldn't possibly be a solid gold Egyptian spoon could it?
  5. "Egyptian" treasure or what in the Arizona landscape?

    Most of us are familiar with the story published in the Arizona Republic about a guy named Kincaid finding a cave or caves in the Grand Canyon. I know much has been speculated about this subject and many have tried to find the caves or info about them. Aside from that, does anyone have any OTHER...