1. How many silver coins can be in a 1 ender box? I may break the record here

    What's your personal record? this box had 1 40% (68) gold plated ender, and so far including that roll, I'm 4 for 4, one silver coin in each roll. I picked them from random locations of the box too. and 1's a 64! the box that came with it had a Ben and a 66, and a few gold plated clads. 4...
  2. Enders, Wheats, Halves, Reject Bin Finds & I Need Help!

    Hey everyone, Today I picked up 5 boxes of halves and yesterday I grabbed a box of pennies. Here are the results. My first Panamanian half. 1983. Thought it was a commemorative at first. Wheat enders Went looking for halves from a local credit union and found these gems in the reject...