finding gold

  1. Cleaning Bedrock for Gold Nuggets

    The Rain can't stop Jeff and Gary (Two Toe's ) as they head to the Hills in search of those elusive Gold Nuggets. Jeff has his White's Gold Master V-Sat (VLF) Metal Detector and Gary has his White's TDI (Pulse Induction) Detector see which one finds the most and biggest Gold in the California...
  2. First Gold

    I take a short trip to the Feather River to find Gold ( First Gold ) of the 2020 season !!! I didn't want to let Gary ( Two Toe's ) get to far ahead on the Gold Count !!!!! Thanks for watching
  3. The Nugget Hunters ( Part Two )

    Part Two !!!!!!
  4. Power Pole Gold !!!

  5. I found, My Precious(Lord of The Rings Quote) sorry I'm not sorry

  6. diving to the flash of gold in lake havasu, arizona

    after 15 years of diving these waters, we finally found gold...... just like the great mel fisher said, never give up.....

    Hello miners of merica! just wondering whats up with my placerville/eldorado co. miners ! any body out there doing good ? Im so looking to go tear it up for awhile somewhere have a couple places ! anybody looking to tear it up maybee we can sometime ! well good luck ! heavy pans! well that what...
  8. Asking permission to metal detect private property

    hello I am 13 and ready to ask for permission to metal detect on private property. and I was wondering that if I find gold, silver, or plat is the home owner gonna try and take a part off it? Or should I before i start should I ask them if they have everlost any valuable iteams so I can help...