1. Map of US taverneums and micro-museums

    Say friends, do you know where to find a map of taverneums, not for paintings but dectectorist's findings?
  2. Gold is Here!

    Hello 8-) , The time I never believed that some things exist has come to an end!! Check out these findings members We are looking for private buyers for Gold and many other site finds :icon_scratch: will keep you posted
  3. Digging Bottles

    Greetings, My group of friends went on digging a place where we thought we might find treasure. this is what we instead came across under the soil. images videos well, well, well.
  4. Free metal detecting software for Windows (again)!

    I wrote this application for Windows some years back. Had a lot of thumbs up from those who use it. I'm offering up a link again to the download. It's called "Findings Keeper" and is a simple journal of your MD'ing finds that will let you attach a picture, description, location and any other...
  5. Hey everybody :)

    My name is Joe. The username 'Joe' was taken, so i just added a zero instead. 8-) I'm a new member on this forum, so excuse me if i am not posting correctly. I've just started Coin Roll Hunting(CRH) and was looking around to see if there's a forum with other people who also do this, and post...
  6. Testing a new detector

    I cleaned a creek today, what did you do? lol