1. Jazz Age Finger Ring Dance Compact

    A remarkable find from the Jazz Age of which I had no clue existed. No surprise there but this stunning silver compact turned out to be a bit more as a "finger ring dance compact," a fashionable and functional accessory for the ladies embracing their new freedoms. Refs showed that applying...
  2. PLEASE HELP! Antique Bisque/Porcelain Doll Identification for new member THANK YOU!

    Hello! I could use some help identifying this antique doll. I know literally nothing about dolls, so ANY information is greatly appreciated. Time period/possible maker/country/doll type. Typically doll height with bisque, porcelain or ceramic head, atoms and legs. Hair style from the 1930s or...
  3. Original Flapper Photos, Girls, 1900s-1930s - Recent Finds

    These are some gorgeous photos. From a recent find.