flint knapping

  1. Show off your best materials.

    I’m sharing ones I’m not sure on so maybe we can all learn something. All found in Arkansas north west corner close to Missouri line.
  2. HELP! Found this today while digging near an old beach path. Could it be a stone tool?

    I found this today and it's got me confused. As someone who digs a lot of holes often, I've never come across something like this before. Found on the north shore of eastern Long Island. I have practiced flint knapping in my free time and it seems to have a lot of similar characteristics to some...
  3. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Native American Artifacts?

    Hey all! Just purchased these from a local auction and was hoping I could get some terminology on what these are and what they were used for. Still learning so any info is appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Tips on collecting flint for knapping

    Hi everyone, I’ve been flint knapping online ordered flint and beer bottles here in the Houston area and I’ve been wanting to make a trip out to Georgetown where there is supposed to be good quality flint. This would be my first time sourcing my own flint and I’m not sure what areas I’m...
  5. Black flint flakes??

    Found all these rocks in the same general area of a field in NW Florida. I see conchoidal fractures so I'm assuming it's flint. Any chance these are knapping flakes or could it possibly be natural? Trying to figure out if it's a good location to dig for points.
  6. Garden find, not sure if any are artifacts. Help please!

    Digging in my backyard in El Reno, Oklahoma and found a bunch of rocks, some look like they have knapping marks but I'm not sure whats what. They sound kinda like glass clinking together.
  7. Do you think thesr could be flint nappings or just more... rocks?

    Do you think these could be flint knappings or just more... rocks? Second thread, really getting the hang of it now! Picked these out of an eroding sand quarry, where I heard from a lifetime local they stopped digging due to finding artifacts. Could these be flint knappings from making...