1. ✅ SOLVED old Ford belt drive flywheel

    Dug this last week at the old family homestead - cleaned up nice but I am not sure what it is off of. It has the Ford script on the back and some numbers. It is 5" OD, the center hole is 1 7/16" ID - markings on the back look like CS 20 COAB 6916 B S - could be something different -...
  2. Old Ford ? Gas / radiator cap?

    Found an old farm which last existed around 1980. It is remarkably thin and brittle. It looks like it’s made of copper or brass. Very interested in what any of you experts out there think what this thing specifically is.
  3. More Ford stuff! Road tear out and empty lot

    Went to an empty lot next to the highway where we found the religious text pressed coin, and found another religious pendant, and a 25-36 marlin bullet. Then we went to a street that's been torn out and worked on kind of recently and found two wheaties, 1939 and 1940. 41 cents in total modern...
  4. ✅ SOLVED Marked Ford but what is it?

    I found this brass item in a very old yard where I've found coins dating back as far as 1901. It's marked "Ford" in script near the bottom, like the old Ford tools are marked. It's 2 and 3/16" inches high and 1.5" across at the bottom. I was going to put it in my scrap bin because I didn't...
  5. vintage car door handle question.

    Never mind double post. Never mind double post.
  6. vintage car door handle question.

    I dug this car door handle in the woods near my house. The number is "2 722" any input on age and car model would be great. Thanks,