fort lauderdale

  1. Wedding Ring - Las Olas Beach - Reward!

    Hello, We lost my husband wedding ring last Sunday (05/07/2017), in the ocean, close to the shore, in Las Olas Beach, Florida (he noticed as soon as it fall)... I am thinking someone already found. It has a sentimental value so contact us if you have any information !! It is engraved Cristina...
  2. Easy artifacts for new divers- Fort Lauderdale FL

    Directly seaward of the Sunrise water tower, in about 60-65 feet of water, lies the wreck of the yacht Monomy. The Monomy is pretty much a flat wreck, just a big debris field, but is, at least was, covered with copper coated bronze shipbuilding pins, bronze/brass valves, and assorted other cool...