fossil unknown

  1. Fossil / Agate ID Very strange petrified fossils? Bone?

    These were found 30 miles South-East of Prescott, AZ. The Locality is Know for Early Neolithic Mammalian fossils. I didn't make it down to the valley where they were supposed to be, although I started picking up scattered agates and chalcedony. Upon arriving home I lightly cleaned and cut some...
  2. Help id this rock fossil

    I just started rock hunting and have no idea what this type of fossil.
  3. What type of fossil is this?

    What type of fossil is this? [SOLVED] A family member gave me this fossil a few years ago. I believe they said they found it on their property in Arkansas. Can anybody tell me what type of fossil this is, how old it is, and what it may be worth?