1. EPIC Silver Coin Giveaway Contest !! (10 silver coins)

    Hey everyone, I think its about time I do a decent giveaway contest. I am giving away 10 silver coins from around the world. I will ship these coins worldwide!!
  2. Happy Halloween 2016 -

    Wishing you all a most-Frightful of Halloweens :hello: This music available at…/halloween-dance-macabre-13-days-of-fre… Free Until Oct 31st
  3. Free Gold Maps web site has been updated again

    It was a miserable amount of work but I found the time to update Free Gold Maps with new features. The map now shows township information (lines and center position), which can be toggled on and off. This will probably help some people know the plat information necessary to file a mineral claim...
  4. Documentary photo project is looking for dumpster divers, gleaners, sifters

    Hi, All: My name is Coco McCabe and I'm working on a documentary photo project for a class. The project is about gleaning--in the broadest sense of the word. I want to explore the notion of super abundance in the U.S. and how most of us don't even know what we have. But gleaners, dumpster...
  5. 🏁 COMPLETED Weekly Winner!

    Congratulations Rege P! Every week I randomly choose a customer to win a free eBook on CD, and this week, REGE P. WINS! It's my way of saying thanks for giving us a try. I'm sure he was a bit surprised when he went to check out at the website and it told him that no payment was necessary! I hope...
  6. ❎ SOLD ~~~FIRST EVER TreasureNet Mercury Dime AUCTION!!~~~ Ends 12/6/13 8pm EST

    Figured I would try something a little different... Up for auction is 200 Mercury Dimes 90% SILVER (4 rolls) $20 face value. All dimes are circulated, some in better condition a few in worse condition (no culls/slicks). There is a mixture of dates and mint marks, several from the teens and...
  7. I NEED Leavenworth KS Treasure Hunter for a FREE SILVER GIVEAWAY

    I NEED Leavenworth KS Treasure Hunter for a FREE SILVER GIVEAWAY! There is a free silver giveaway that I became apart of recently where I had to find the coordinates to a location where 5 oz of silver was buried. I have figured out the clues and it is Leavenworth KS. I am willing to split the...